More Details Emerge on Celebrity Drug Arrests in Beijing

(NYTimes) The Beijing police have released further details about the arrests of Jaycee Chan, the son of the Hong Kong movie star Jackie Chan, and of the Taiwanese actor Ko Chen-tung on drug-related charges.

In a statement posted on their official Sina Weibo microblog account Monday night, the police said that a Mr. Chan, a Mr. Ko and several other people were arrested last Thursday in the Dongcheng district of Beijing by antinarcotics authorities acting on a tip-off. Both Mr. Chan and Mr. Ko, it said, admitted to using marijuana and both tested positive for the drug….

Video footage released by China Central Television, the state broadcaster, showed photographs and the full names of the two men, as well as footage of the suspects with pixelated faces being questioned by the police. At one point in the video, a police officer holds up a urine sample and asks the man identified in the video as Mr. Ko to confirm the positive test result for marijuana. Mr. Ko confirms the result.

The video also shows Mr. Chan at his home showing officers his stash of marijuana. The police said in their statement that they had recovered more than 100 grams of marijuana from Mr. Chan’s home.

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If convicted Jackie’s son is facing up to 3 years.



FINALLY visited the Great Wall!
Went to the Mutianyu section, about 60km outside of Beijing. Our guide, Jack, was great (had tiny hands!) and came out with such gems as “Different dog, different destiny” during our trip. Caught the gondola up, spent awhile wandering the wall, then sped down to the car park on a toboggan (like the Luge in Rotorua, for all you NZers).

Pick up was early, 7am, but it paid off big time because the place was basically empty when we arrived and was only starting to get busier as we boosted out of the car park on our way home. Our driver yelled “See ya later, suckers!” as we peeled off.

Okay, that last part about the driver never happened, but we had that kind of smug air about us - self congratulatory - for missing the tourist hoards. The Mutianyu section is generally a lot less crowded than the more popular and more touristy Badaling section, and it was cool being able to photograph the wall without having too many random people around! 

Hi, I am Beijing citizen live in the Sanlitun area. I accidentally found your blog. And No kidding, Every one of your blogs made me laugh out loud. Especially the chairman mao’s Snow White coffin one. Hahaha