Went to the “Green Tea” Restaurant for lunch. This restaurant is very popular in resent years and this is the one that doesn’t allow people to book tables. If you want to eat here you must come and wait for your table! And everyday, people wait in long queues for their food outside this restaurant.
BTW, I love this “Green Tea Roast Pork” sooo much!



Tony Denison’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Since some people were unable to open the link the I posted earlier, here is Tony’s challenge which is "Holly Molly cute n’ sexy!"

We know who he should challenge next (I’d say GW, but I can see him in his Provenza face saying “I don’t dump buckets of ice water on my head, but you and the Captain sure need to”.)

The F word is so adorable.




"Holly Molly! Jesus, that’s cold!!!"

Not shirtless, but still awesome. Too bad he didn’t challenge Mary; I hope she does it anyway and/or that Kathe challenges her and some other cast members. 

Is there a reason I still can’t see this??? It says its not available and I see nothing on his Twitter either. What’s up?

Can’t see it +1.



More Details Emerge on Celebrity Drug Arrests in Beijing

(NYTimes) The Beijing police have released further details about the arrests of Jaycee Chan, the son of the Hong Kong movie star Jackie Chan, and of the Taiwanese actor Ko Chen-tung on drug-related charges.

In a statement posted on their official Sina Weibo microblog account Monday night, the police said that a Mr. Chan, a Mr. Ko and several other people were arrested last Thursday in the Dongcheng district of Beijing by antinarcotics authorities acting on a tip-off. Both Mr. Chan and Mr. Ko, it said, admitted to using marijuana and both tested positive for the drug….

Video footage released by China Central Television, the state broadcaster, showed photographs and the full names of the two men, as well as footage of the suspects with pixelated faces being questioned by the police. At one point in the video, a police officer holds up a urine sample and asks the man identified in the video as Mr. Ko to confirm the positive test result for marijuana. Mr. Ko confirms the result.

The video also shows Mr. Chan at his home showing officers his stash of marijuana. The police said in their statement that they had recovered more than 100 grams of marijuana from Mr. Chan’s home.

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If convicted Jackie’s son is facing up to 3 years.