The Raydors 

And sorry for including Jack, but technically, he is part of that family.

I read the TVLine news, it makes me nervous.”does everything she can to help keep the peace in her family”“Emily uses all her grace and poise to juggle the different temperaments of her family while preparing for the festivities.” Please tell me this is not saying that she is going to do whatever she can to get her parents back together…



Unpopular opinion time!

I would really appreciate it if Mark Harmon would appear as a guest star on Major Crimes as an FBI agent or whoever, has the hots for Raydor (maybe date her in some capacity) and makes Andy jealous in so many levels, like apeshit jealousy levels. I know him and Mary worked together already before so this is not really far fetched (I guess?!). I mean Michael Weatherly already showed up in MC so why not Mark right?

I LOVE this idea!! Ive been wish this for so long! And I wish Mary could guest star NCIS as Gibbs’ the other ex wife.